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Electricity in the Human Body

By Unknown - January 28, 2018

The cells in the human body that amount to more than one trillion, each has an electric charge of 90V / m. The positive charge is outside the cell membrane, while the negative charge is inside the cell membrane.

If the electrical charge between one cell and the other is connected in series, then the human body is potentially very large producing an electric voltage. To produce a voltage of 220V, it takes only 2,500 cells connected in series.

Under normal circumstances, human body cells have an electric field strength of approximately 10 Million Volts / m. It is much stronger than the electric field outside the human body itself.

However, these very low-frequency electric and magnetic fields do not cause heat effects as can occur in microwave electromagnetic fields, for example: radio frequency or cellular phone frequency.

So when we hear that there is an 'electric man' it is not impossible. Because in every human body has the potential of it.

In the case of animals, as in the case of electric eel, or so-called 'electric eel', the animal is able to set a considerable voltage difference in the body. The voltage difference between the head and tail, so it can sting the opponent or the prey.

Man who has the ability as an electric eel, called POIKILOTHERMISH. They can store electricity, then channel through their limbs, for example: the touch of a hand. When the person is able to master electrical energy in his body, he can become a physician, heal various diseases of his patients by way of electric shock to the patient's body.

In areas such as China, electrical energy and magnetic energy are studied in traditional martial arts. The power generated from the processing of electrical and magnetic energy is known as "inner power". According to Physical and Physiological Science analysis the "inner power" is the result of the firmness, endurance, and vitality of body cells produced through a Hypoxic-Anaerobic training mechanism.

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