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How if God loves or hates a servant? [H.24]

By Unknown - February 08, 2018

The 24th Hadith:
Narrated from Abu Hurairah r.a., he said, Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم said,
"If Allah loves a servant, He summons Gabriel and says, 'Truly I love fulan, so love him.'" The Prophet then said, Gabriel loved him, then Jibril called the inhabitants of the heavens, "Allah loves fulan, then love him ", then the inhabitants of the sky loved him, then Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم said," and then on earth he became accepted ".
And when Allah hates a servant, then He calls Gabriel and then says, "I hate the fulan, hate him", so Gabriel hates the Fulan, then Jibril calls the inhabitants of the heavens, "Allah hates the fulan, then hate him ", Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم continued," So the inhabitants of the sky hate fulan, then he hated on earth ".
(Hadith of Muslim history, and so is Imam Bukhari, Malik, and Imam Tirmidhi.)


Hadits Ke-24 : 
Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah r.a., beliau berkata, Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم bersabda, 
“Sesungguhnya jika Allah mencintai seorang hamba, Dia memanggil Jibril dan berfirman, ‘Sesunguhnya aku mencintai fulan, maka cintailah dia.’”, Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم selanjutnya bersabda, maka Jibril pun mencintainya, kemudian Jibril menyeru penduduk langit, “Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai fulan, maka cintailah dia”, maka para penghuni langit pun mencintainya, selanjutnya Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم bersabda, “dan kemudian di bumi diapun menjadi orang yang diterima”. 
Dan ketika Allah membenci seorang hamba, maka Dia memanggil Jibril dan kemudian berfirman, “Sesungguhnya aku membenci si fulan, maka bencilah dia”, maka Jibril pun membenci si Fulan, kemudia Jibril menyeru penduduk langit, “Sesungguhnya Allah membenci si fulan, maka bencilah dia”, Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم melanjutkan, “Maka penduduk langitpun membenci fulan, kemudian diapun dibenci di bumi ”. 
(Hadits riwayat Muslim, dan begitu juga oleh Imam Bukhari, Malik, dan Imam Tirmidzi.)

40 Qudsi Hadith
Hadith Qudsi is a hadith containing the word of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى (the meaning of this hadith is from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), while the sentence is with the editors of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم
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