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The Concept of Space and Time According to Western Scientists: Albert Einstein

By Unknown - February 11, 2018

The world of modern science in the early twentieth century was amazed by the discovery of a German scientist named Albert Einstein in 1905. The German physicist published a special relativity theory. A decade later, Einstein who was asked by Time Magazine as a figure of the XX century sparked the theory of general relativity (general relativity theory).

The special theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein relates to matter and light that move at very high speed. The theory of relativity was formulated as E = mc2. The formula of such popular theory of relativity suggests that the speed of light is constant. Whereas, the general theory of relativity states, every object has mass causing spacetime around its curved (geodetic wrap effect).

Through both theoretical concepts Einstein explained that electromagnetic waves are incompatible with Newtonian motion theory. Electromagnetic waves are shown to move at a constant speed, without being influenced by the movements of the observer.
"The first time I got the idea to build the theory of relativity around 1905 last year. I can not say exactly where this kind of idea came from, but I believe this idea comes from the optical problem of moving objects," Einstein said during a public lecture in front of the Kyoto Imperial University student on December 4, 1922.

The crux of both theories is that two observers moving relative to each will get different time and space interval for the same event. Even so, the contents of physical law will look the same by both. With the discovery of the theory of relativity, man can explain the properties of matter and the structure of the universe.
In the West itself there is a doubt that the theory of relativity was first discovered Einstein. For, Some argue that the theory of relativity was first expressed by Galileo Galilei in his work entitled Dialogue Concerning the World's Two Chief Systems in 1632.

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