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There is no eternal life: Exception for this one being

By Unknown - February 28, 2018

There is no eternal life, that is the law of nature that God gives to the universe. The law applies to anyone without exception. Because eternity is God's.

Turritopsis nutricula is a small sea jellyfish, its size is only 4-5 millimeters. What is interesting about the species is that it can not be biologically aging. Undergoing 'everlasting life' - an exception when wretched or prey to other beings, they must die.

This surprising fact is known after experts discovered the population explosion of this species, from a study involving 4,000 Turritopsis Nutricula.

Turritopsis nutricula is a small hydrozoan that once reaching adulthood, can transfer its cells back to childhood. This adaptive trait is evolved in order to extend the life of the individual. Several different species of the genus Turritopsis were formerly classified as T. nutricula, including the "immortal jellyfish" which is now classified as T. dohrnii [wikipedia]

This species is able to return from the adult sexual stage to the larval stage. Generally, the jellyfish will die after it finishes reproducing. After adulthood and mating, the jellyfish can replay its biological cycle, regenerate all the cells of its body, and become young again. This kind of cell regeneration process is called transdifferentiation - cells that reach a certain stage can transform into newer and younger cells.

Some scientists are skeptical that there is an answer to the mystery of eternal life. However, others consider, humans can learn from these creatures - to fight the spread of cancer for example.

The Strange But Incredible

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