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Camel Miracle

By Unknown - February 25, 2018

In the desert there is a sandstorm that can swallow whatever it passes, and that is very disturbing breathing. The desert means the inevitable death for a person without a protector trapped inside.

Only vehicles that are specifically made for this purpose alone can survive in this desert condition. Any vehicle running in hot conditions in the desert must be designed to withstand heat and sandstorms. In addition, he should be able to walk away, with less fuel and less water. The machine that is most able to withstand these tough conditions is not a motorized vehicle, but an animal, a camel.

The only animal that can live in various habitats. Unlike animals in the polar regions, for example, polar bears (will live in areas that are not habitat if given special treatment so they can be in the zoo). Unlike camels, without the need for special treatment they can live anywhere. They are used to being exposed to heat during the day and cold at night.

Camels have helped humans who live in the desert throughout history, and have become a symbol for life in the desert. The heat of the desert is deadly to other creatures. In addition to a small number of insects, reptiles and some other small animals, no animals can live there.

Camels are the only big animals that can live there. God has created it specifically to live in the desert, and to serve human life.

The soles of his feet as an insulator so that the heat of sand does not affect his body. Only two fingers. It helps bearing when there is a heavy load, so it does not sink in the loose sand. The structure of the camel body is also high. The pads are almost the same as in the soles of the legs on the knee. So when he squatting / bowing himself, not touched by heat. This section is called Callus. The shape of squatting on the knee, like when we sit between two "sujud".

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