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To Freeze Water in an Instant

By Unknown - February 27, 2018

When you see a magic show, where the Magician tricks a water freeze with his hand in an instant, some of us must have thought it was magic. Or it could be, there are among us think that the magician has used the help of spirits.

"We will be stunned by the results, but we do not want to learn how the initial process. That's what's called amazing "

Actually it is not magic and not because of the help of spirits, there are several techniques to freeze water in an instant. Here we will discuss the various ways:

I. A simple trick with the help of some equipment, one of which is a freezer

The Five Amazing Tricks

II. Chemistry
The following simple scientific explanations:

1. Hydration process reaction (addition of water) that occurs in Sodium Acetate is an exothermic reaction, meaning a reaction that frees heat from the system (solution) to the environment. This is what causes the ice that is formed somewhat warm even though the solution has just cooled in the refrigerator.

2. The solid form of sodium acetate "absorbs" three water molecules to form a new compound called Sodium Acetate Trihydrate.

Here's the chemical formula:

NaC2H3O2 (s) + 3H2O (l) ---> NaC2H3O2-3 H2O (s) + heat

The trick is as follows:
Preparation :

1. Prepare Sodium Acetate, often called Sodium Acetate
(can be bought in chemical store, its chemical formula: NaC2H3O2)
, water, and pans.

2. Boil water until almost boiling, add sodium acetate, stirring until dissolved.

3. If it is soluble, put water into the glass. Make sure the precipitate of Sodium Acetate is filtered perfectly

4. Insert the glass containing the solution into the refrigerator (not in the freezer

Special effects to be achieved: 
You are able to make water in the bottle in a short time to freeze into ice [more...]

III. Other creative tricks:


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