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Compilation : Fourty Hadith Qudsi

By Unknown - February 07, 2018

Hadith Qudsi is a hadith containing the word of Allah  سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى  (the meaning of this hadith is from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى ), while the sentence is with the editors of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم
Below we include 40 Qudsi hadiths are :

  1. God's Love Surpasses His Wrath, [more...]
  2. Some of the Descendants of Adam, have belied God [more...]
  3. Difference of the Heathen and Not [more...]
  4. Time is within the power of God [more...]
  5.  Allah is the Essence of the Self  [more...]
  6. God's Blessings have been Denied [more...]
  7. Raised  Adzan & Upholding Prayer [more...]
  8. Reading Al Fatehaah [more...]
  9. Prayer: Practice in the first Calculated [more...]
  10. The Virtue of Fasting [more...]
  11. Do the Infaq [more...]
  12. Replies to People Who Love to Help Others [more...]
  13. The Virtue of Charity: Though Just Saying "Well" [more...]
  14. The Virtue of Dhikr [more...]
  15. Love Allah : God's Proximity to His Pious Servants [more...]
  16. Good and Bad in God's Measure [more...]
  17. Praying and asking for something should be to God. And the decision is only in His hands [more...]
  18. Help Each Other: God is Near the Person in Pain [more...]
  19. Pride & Majesty is belonging Allah [more...]
  20. Relationship : The Door of Heaven & the Peace of Fellow Human Beings [more...]
  21. 3 types of people who become enemies of God [more...]
  22. The one who does not defend God is the same as the One who denounces himself [more...]
  23. Love each other for God's sake [more...]
  24. How if God loves or hates a servant? [more...]
  25. Who Beloved of God ? [more...]
  26. The Characteristics of God's Guardians [more...]
  27. What is the story of the souls of those who are slain in the way of Allah? [more...]
  28. Islamic Law about Suicide [more...]
  29. Sincere When Left behind Died [more...]
  30. Longing to meet God [more...]
  31. God's forgiveness is His prerogrative right [more...]
  32. The forgiveness of God to those who fear Him(The story of the man who set himself on fire) [more...]
  33. The extent of God's Mercy to His servants [more...]
  34. The Extent of God's Pardon: Origin is not a sin to associate with Him [more...]
  35. The Virtue of Praying the Last third of the Night [more...]
  36. The Intercession of the Prophet [more...]
  37. Heaven for the Righteous [more...]
  38. Heaven & Hell [more...]
  39. God's Decree on Heaven and Hell [more...]
  40. The Pleasure of Heaven [more...]

For translations of other languages, 

use the GOOGLE TRANSLATE facility located on this site.

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