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The Miracle of Water (Vol.1)

By Unknown - February 01, 2018

Image result for keajaiban airWater is the main source of life support. Every living thing that breathes requires water to sustain its life. There are several functions of water that are needed by the human body:

The forming of cells and body fluids. 
The main component of the cell is water, by 70-85%. While in fat cells, less than 10%. Water plays a large role in the blood (contains 83% water), stomach fluids, hormones, enzymes, muscles, and is also useful in maintaining muscle tone so that muscles are able to contract.

Media eliminates residual metabolism.
Water can make the remnants of metabolism in the body released through the urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, airway and skin

Lubricants and bearings.
Water serves as a lubricant in the form of joint fluid so that the joints can move properly and reduce friction between joints. In addition, water becomes shock-absorbing fluid cushion in body tissues, such as the brain, the spinal cord, the eyes and the amniotic pouch in the uterus.

Temperature control.
Water can generate heat, absorb and deliver heat throughout the body so that the body remains stable. In addition, it also helps cool the body through evaporation of the lungs and skin surface by bringing excess heat out of the body.

Solvent of other nutrients and food digestion aids.
Starting from helping the production of saliva when food in the mouth, dissolve food and help lubricate food to get into the esophagus to the stomach.

Transportation media.
Helps the growth and regeneration of cells effectively (carrier) and become the media of various substances with different ionic properties and poles. In addition, it helps transport oxygen in the body and as a transport medium for carbon dioxide gas when exhaling.

One of the most important organs of humans and animals is the brain, here are the benefits of water for the brain:
  1. Increase concentration, water can launch the nervous system in the brain
  2. Water can help improve one's memory. When a person is dehydrated, his brain will experience shrinking of brain cells due to lack of water supply.
  3. Improve intelligence, an easy person in high concentration will be easy in absorbing new sciences.
  4. Eliminate sleepiness. Often when sleepy, we feel this self is tired, but there is a possibility we lack of oxygen in the brain. Drinking water can be a solution to our brain more fresh.
  5. Improve brain performance. White water can help accelerate blood circulation to the brain that helps in optimizing brain function
  6. Water can help us in maintaining the mood. One of the functions of the brain is to regulate mood, by drinking water, can make the mood better. etc
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