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The Miracle of Water (Vol.2): Scientific Research Results

By Unknown - February 01, 2018

A Japanese researcher - Dr. Masaru Emoto - has proven that water is able to transmit the emotions we have. The way he used is quite unique. In front of the clean water placed in his container, he mentioned good and bad things. After that he took photographs of each form of water crystals and compared each other according to the things he mentioned.

Masaru Emoto (江本 勝 Emoto Masaru, July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014) was a Japanese author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto's conjecture evolved over the years, and his early work explored his water and can be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization.
Since 1999, Emoto published several volumes of a work entitled Messages from Water, which contain photographs ofice crystals and their accompanying experiments. Emoto's ideas appear in the movies Kamen Rider: The First and What the Bleep Do We Know

It was 1994 when the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope came upon me. With this method, I was convinced that I should be able to see something like snow crystals.
After two months of trial and error, this idea bore fruit. The beautifully shining hexagonal crystals were created from the invisible world. My staff at the laboratory and I were absorbed in it and started to do many researches.
At first, we strenuously observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water we can not get any beautiful crystals. We can not get any beautiful ones from rivers and lakes near big cities, either. However, from the water from rivers and lakes where water is kept pristine from development, we could observe beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness.
The observation was done in various ways:
  • Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing
  • letters to water
  • Showing pictures to water
  • Playing music to water
  • Praying to water
The Combination of non-resonating vibration can result in destructive energy, and nothing can be created out of it. When some vibration and the other resonate each other, it always creates beautiful design. Thus, most of the Earth is covered with beautiful nature.That is why scientists, philosophers, and religionists pursue for unknown facts. Is it presumptuous to suggest them taking paths with “the pursuit of beauty” in mind as a means to confirm their right paths? 

Research on water is also done by Prof. Bernd Kroeplin. After a trade apprenticeship as a bricklayer, Kröplin studied Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig in 1977 and received a PhD for a thesis on the elastoplastic stability of steel bridges.
In 1979 Kröplin received a Heisenberg Scholarsof the German Research Community DFG and in 1982 received an appointment as a professor at the University of Dortmund "Applied numerical methods". From 1988 to 2010 Kröplin was dean of the Institute for Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures of the University of Stuttgart (Wikipedia)

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