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The Miracle of Water (Vol.3) : Zamzam Water Oddities

By Unknown - February 01, 2018

Prophet صلى الله عليه وعلى آله وسلم. added: "Zamzam water is beneficial for anything that is intended when drinking it. If you drink with the intention of healing from your sickness, then God heals him. If you drink in order to feel full, then God sanctifies you. If you drink it to lose your thirst, then God will relieve your thirst. This is Jibril's heel pressure water, a drink from God to Ishmael ". 
(HR Daruqutni, Ahmad, Ibn Majah, from Ibn Abbas).

Zamzam (زمزم) in Arabic means much, abundantly. Zamzam water is considered holy water by Muslims. The zamzam water center is located inside the Grand Mosque, parallel to the door of the Ka'ba. Formerly the location of zamzam water can be accessed through the lower alley of the Grand Mosque. Jamaah freely take water through wells taken with manual timbers. However, zamzam water sold in the street lot and not guaranteed its safety when consumed.

Currently the zamzam springs point is not visible. Water is known out of the zamzam well side. Although zamzam water is absorbed in very large quantities, in a matter of less than 15 minutes, the zamzam well will be filled. Yet every day hundreds of thousands of cubic zamzam water is absorbed from wells for distributed 24 hours at the Grand Mosque and Mosque of  Nabawi in Madinah for free.

Zamzam water appeared to the surface of the earth since the time of Prophet Ibrahim. Exactly when Prophet Ibrahim placed Siti Hajar and Prophet Ismail in the dry desert. The spring was first discovered by Siti Hajar after running back and forth between the hill of Safa and the hill of Marwah, at the direction of the Angel Gabriel, when Ishmael, the son of Siti Hajar, was thirsty in the desert, while the water supply was not there.

Now, the magic that invites click amazed, the water zamzam never run out despite its location in the middle of the desert covered by hot weather and rarely rain.

Zamzam water oddities

Tariq Hussain, a chemical engineer working at the Sea Water Purification Installation for drinking, in Jeddah City, was tasked with investigating. At the time of his commencement, Tariq had no idea, how Zamzam's well could hold so much water as there is no limit.

When it reached the well, Tariq was amazed to see that the size of the well was only 18 x 14 feet (Approx. 5 x 4 meters). Unimaginable, how can a small well this can release millions of gallons of water every season of his hajj. And it lasted for thousands of years, since the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Research shows, zamzam springs can emit water as much as 11-18 liters of water per second. In this way, 660 liters of water will be produced every minute. That is what is astonishing.

Tariq start measuring the depth of water wells. He asked his assistant into the water. It turned out that the well water was only slightly above the shoulder of the assistant who was 5 feet 8 inches tall. Then he told his assistant to check whether there might be an overdraft or a pipeline in it. After moving from one place to another, it was found nothing !.
He thought, maybe this well water is supplied from the outside through a large pumping channel. If such an incident, then he can see the ups and downs of the water surface suddenly. But even this allegation was not proven. No suspicious water movement was found, nor was there any device that could bring in large quantities of water.

He asked his assistant back into the well. Then told to stand, and a quiet place while observing the surroundings. Pay close attention, and report what happens, no matter how small. After doing this process carefully, his assistant suddenly held up his hands while shouting:   "Alhamdulillah, I found him! The fine sand danced under my soles, and the water came out from the bottom of the well".

Then his assistant was asked to spin around the well when it arrived when water pumping (to flow to the water distribution) took place. He felt that the water coming out from the bottom of the well was as great as before the pumping period. And the flow of water that comes out, the same magnitude at every point, in all areas. This causes the surface of the well to be relatively stable, no large shocks. (detik forum)

The miracle of zamzam water 
  • Mineral content
As quoted from dakwatuna, zamzam water contains natural elements of 2,000 mg per liter, while ordinary water will not exceed 260 mg per liter. Of course, it proves that water zamzam khasiatnya superior to ordinary water.

  • Zamzam Water Well
Every pilgrim season arrives, at least two million people from all over the world come to Mecca to perform the pilgrimage. Each of the pilgrims at least bring home zamzam water about 5 liters. Imagine 2 million people multiplied by 5 liters, how many millions of liters of water are carried by the entire congregation.
  • The Fact
In 1971, a doctor from the land of Egypt said that zamzam water is unhealthy to drink. According to him, the city of Mecca where the well zamzam is located is an area that is below the sea level. In addition, he also considers that the water in the well zamzam originated from the residual exile of the inhabitants of Mecca.

It was denied by King Faisal who was very angry when he heard the news. Then, he sent a sample of zamzam water for tests in laboratories in Europe. After doing some research in Europe was not the result as said by the Egyptian doctor.

Here are some results of research conducted by Tariq Husaain from sea water purification installation research in European laboratories:
  1. The zamzam springs naturally flow, without the aid of a water supply machine. When searching the source of its springs, it turns out that the water came out from the bottom of the well.
  2. Zamzam water through a natural process of filtering is very unique, ie through rocks and sand dunes are layered.
  3. Zamzam water is free from germ contamination, because the environment is maintained naturally.
  • Contains Anti-Germ
Research results of water samples in Europe and Saudi Arabia show that zam-zam water contains an effective fluoride substance that kills germs, just as it already contains drugs.

The difference in zam-zam water compared to other well water in Mecca and surrounding Arabia is in terms of quantity of calcium and magnesium salts. The contents of both minerals are a bit more in zam-zam water, perhaps because that's the zam-zam water can be refreshing for worn out worshipers. Another feature of the composition and taste of the salt content is always stable always the same from since the formation of this well.

  • Water Zamzam According to Scientists
One of the most famous Japanese scientists, Dr. Masasro Imoto considers that zamzam water has some features that are unmatched by ordinary water.According to some scientific studies of zamzam water with nanotech techniques, if zamzam water is mixed into 1000 drops of ordinary water, then the water will have various features of zamzam water.

The scientists who originated the theory of crystallization of water molecules, considers that zamzam water has a stable salt and mineral composition. The result is that no one complains of illness after drinking zamzam water. 

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