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Turbocharger : How does it work ?

By Unknown - February 05, 2018

Turbocharger is a centrifugal compressor that gets power from turbines whose power source comes from vehicle exhaust fumes. Usually used in internal combustion engines to increase power output and engine efficiency by increasing the air pressure entering the engine. The key advantage of turbochargers is that they offer a considerable increase in engine power with little added weight.
Turbocharger was invented by a Swiss engineer Alfred Büchi. The patents for turbochargers were applied for use in 1905. Locomotives and diesel-engined vessels with turbochargers began to appear in the 1920s.

A disadvantage in a gasoline engine is that the compression ratio should be lowered (so as not to pass the maximum compression pressure and to prevent engine knocking) which decreases engine efficiency when operating at low power. This disadvantage does not exist in specially designed diurbocharge diesels. However, for operation at altitude, the power revenue of a turbocharger makes a considerable difference with the total power output of both types of engines. This last factor makes the aircraft engine with turbocharger very profitable; and is the beginning of the thinking for the development of this tool.

This engine component has three important parts: turbine wheel, compressor wheel and home axle. This turbine-turned turbine wheel utilizes exhaust gas pressure out, then through the axle of this turbine wheel rotates the compressor wheel with its blades to pump air into the dense mass. Given that these components often rotate over 80,000 revolutions per minute, good lubrication is necessary.

Turbocharged Engines

A turbocharger is a small fan pump that spins around a shaft. The pump is driven by the pressure of the exhaust gas. A turbocharger consists of a turbine and a compressor. They are both mounted on the same shaft. The turbine is a heat engine. It converts exhaust heat and pressure to rotation. This rotation is used to turn the compressor. The compressor takes in the draws in the water. It squeezes or compresses the air. It then sends the air to the engine. Because the air pressure has been increased, more air and fuel may be put into the cylinders. This is sometimes called boost pressure.With more fuel to burn, the engine can create more power. This increases the horsepower of the engine.

Engine damage

The engine can be damaged if the air pressure in the cylinders gets too high. If there is too much exhaust gas sent to the turbine, the compressor can create too much pressure. To stop this from happening, a wastegate is used. The wastegate will limit the amount of gas exhaust sent to the turbine.

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