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Cave of Hira Story

By Unknown - March 12, 2018

Cave of Hira Story 

Hira cave is where Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation from God through the angel Gabriel. The cave as the place of Prophet Muhammad aloof from society who at that time still do not know to God.

Hira Cave is located in the country of Saudi Arabia. It's on a steep cliff that is rather steep though not too high, therefore to get to the cave everyone should have a strong physical.

Before Muhammad's first revelation, he was said to have pleasant dreams. Among those dreams are signs that the stones in Mecca would greet him with Salaam which is believed to have been proved true. These dreams lasted for six months. An increasing need for solitude led Mohammed to seek seclusion and meditation in the rocky hills which surrounded Mecca. There he would retreat to Hira Cave for one month, each year, engaging in tahannuth, </ ref> which means Jahiliyyah. He would take provisions along with him for his retreat, and would feed the poor that would come to him. Then before returning home to his family for more provisions he would circumambulate the Kaaba seven times, or however many times God willed; then he would go home. 


Jabal an-Noor
One physical feature that differentiates Jabal al-Nour from other mountains and hills is its strange-looking summit, which makes it look more like two mountains on top of each other. The top of this mountain in the mountainous desert is one of the loneliest of places. However, the cave within, which faces the direction of the Kaaba, is even more isolated. While standing in the courtyard back then, people could only look over the surrounding rocks. Nowadays, people can see the surrounding rocks as well as buildings that are hundreds of meters below and hundreds of meters to many kilometers away. Hira is both without water or vegetation other than a few thorns. Hira is higher than Thabir, and is crowned by a steep and slippery peak, which Muhammad with some companions once climbed.

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