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Science P.1

"Science is not just mine or yours, but it belongs to everyone. It is neither from me nor from you, but from the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful.

As the "inspiration" which He sent down to the descendants of Adam, to be a lamp for their lives in this world. And as a guidance for human of the secrets of the universe.

Let's see and feel, how God loves the children of Adam "

Asal Mula Alam Semesta

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#Hypnotherapy Otak secara Mandiri menuju Sukses #5533Science


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Bagaimana RED BLOOD MOON terjadi?🤔 [Fenomena Gerhana Bulan Merah Darah 27/07/'18] #5533Science


Science : p.1 ... p.3 - p.4

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