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DNA Genesis : The Children Of Adam

By Unknown - February 20, 2018

Are the people who live to this day are the descendants of Adam? Are humans living today are the offspring of ancient humans whose fossils have been found?

To answer this, let us follow the results of research that has been done by National Geography follows:

 National Geographic Documentary 

Although the Qur'an is not a book of science, but the Qur'an gives so much information that today can be used as a reference by modern science. Many Verses in the Qur'an refer to man today as "Son of Adam".

New studies on the genetic markers contained within the Y-chromosome (passed on from the father to son over the generations) have helped bring the story of human origins and our journey across the planet. This National Geographic documentary follow Dr. Spencer Wells as he retraces that incredible journey for the Human Genome Project.

MANKIND! Be conscious of your Sustainer, who created the mate, and out of the two spread abroad a multitude of men and women.

Out of the many meanings attributed to the term "nafs" - living entity, human being, humankind, etc., - most of the classical commentators choose "human being" and assume that it refers here to Adam (unwarrantably tying it to the literal biblical account of the creation of Adam and Eve). The rendering of nafs as "living entity" in the above translation is based upon the interpretation of the great Islamic scholar Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905) - who preferred the term "humankind". Its interpretation as "one living entity" is undoubtedly, is the purport of the above verse, but also remains consistent with the Quranic descriptions of creation.

ARE, THEN, they are the one single entity, which We then parted asunder? - and [that] We made out of water every living thing?

As regards the expression zawjaha ("its mate"), it is to be noted that, with reference to animate beings, the term zawj ("a pair", "one of a pair" or "a mate") applies to both the male and female components of a pair or couple. The literal translation of minha as "out of it" clearly alludes, in conformity with the text, to the fact that the male and female counterparts of multicellular life have both originated from a primal organism, i.e., "one living entity".

Human Creation, Thy Sustainer said unto the angels: "Behold, I am about to create mortal man out of sounding clay, out of dark slime transmuted; (29) and when I have formed him entirely and breathed into him of my spirit, fall down before him in prostration! "

There are many references in the Quran to humanities having been "created out of clay (tin)" or "out of dust (turab)", both the terms of the human body is composed of various organic and inorganic substances found within the earth. The term salsal denotes (i.e., when struck), and since it is used in the Quran with exclusive reference to the creation of humanity, This salsal is stated to have evolved out of pest ("dark fetid mud" or "dark slime") while the participial adjective masnun, which qualifies this noun, signifies both "altered" and "brought into shape "- the two terms being rendered in the verse as" transmuted ". What we have here is a description of the primeval biological environment out of which the "sounding clay" - the matrix of the human body - has evolved in accordance with God's plan of creation. The breathing of God's spirit into the "fully formed" human body is a metaphor for His endowing the human being with a conscious mind and a conscience to guide it.

But as soon as the two had tasted [the fruit] of the tree, they became conscious of their nakedness; and they begin to cover themselves with pieced-together leaves from the garden.

The change from the dual to the plural form of address in verses 7:24 and 20: 123 ("saying: 'Down with you all ...'") makes it clear that the story of Adam and Eve is, in reality, an allegory of human destiny. In their earlier state of existence, the united states of existence and the existence of the united states of existence. In other words, they lived, like all other animal species on earth, in the light of their instincts alone.

The awakening of human consciousness - symbolized by the wilful act of disobedience to God 's command - enabled human beings to discern between right and wrong and thus to choose their way of life. The awareness of their own "nakedness" symbolizes the awakening of a moral conscience and, hence, to an expanded emotional life with the feelings of shame, compassion, guilt and remorse. In this deeper sense, the allegory of the Fall does not describe a new stage of human development: an opening of doors to mental faculties and moral considerations which allow humanity to know and worship their Creator.

The forbidden tree (Genesis 2.9) represents the moral limitations of God's set of human actions. Divine guidance which has been conveyed to humanity via a long prophetic tradition of monotheistic religion.

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