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How Search Engines Work in General : SEO Vol.1

By Unknown - March 01, 2018

Have you ever imagined how does it work like search engines like google, bing, yahoo, yandex, and other giant search engines? This is the basic knowledge we must have if we want to learn SEO. So great is the work of this search engine because it can serve a variety of questions from millions of people and around the world every day. Therefore, not so surprising if in various countries such as Indonesia, google search engine so famous for being able to answer whatever we are looking for.

Let's discuss how search engines work. Generally, search engines have 2 main jobs that they have to do at any time on all websites throughout the virtual world. That is Crawl and Index. Therefore we know the name of search engine robots whose job is crawling or crawling, or crawling what is needed by us as people who ask him.

The Internet: How Search Works

1. Crawl And Index

The first task of search engines is Crawl and "Index" it. this is a fundamental task to browse the entire website that he crawled. Especially website pages, Jpg, png, and other files on the page. Crawl will continue to run when a website page is related to each other. In this case, of course we know that the link is "Link". So, no one if many say build a good Internal Link will bring a good impact for the site itself on search engines. (next post will be discussed internal and external links).

2. Search Engine = Answering Machine

Search engines are the answer engines. When someone searches online, the search engine opens billions of documents and does two things: first, it will provide search results serelavan possible with that in search by the second person, he will provide results by sorting aspects of the popularity of the website and deliver results. For search engines, relevancy means more than finding a page with the right words.

The popularity of a website page and also having rich content will more influence on search engines. Therefore, both aspects must be really your attention.

Popularity and relevance are not determined manually. Instead, search engines use mathematical equations (algorithms) to sort grain out of chaff (relevance), and then to rank grain in terms of quality (popularity).

how does google work

Important Search Engine Points
From the above explanation we can take two conclusions for search engines "affection" on our site. that is.

1. Articles / quality content
2. Popularity of the site, Pages

In making a quality article of course there are techniques that you have to do. Especially the relavan for the reader (human). Also in increasing the popularity of a website, SEO, SMO and other digital strategies you must apply to reap a popularis your site. The popularity of the site is not aimed at one aspect of "famous by others" but has a broader meaning. [Indonesian Language Version]

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