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"Science is not just mine or yours, 
but it belongs to everyone. It is neither from me nor from you, but from the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful.

As the "inspiration" which He sent down to the descendants of Adam, to be a lamp for their lives in this world. And as a guidance for human of the secrets of the universe.

Let's see and feel, how God loves the children of Adam "

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All About Aerodynamics (more...)[Automotive & Science Article]
Antarctic Forest : The Mystery of a Los Continent (more...)[Science Article]
Anything Smaller than Atom? (more...)[Science Article]
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Azazil begins as Arrogance, ends up being a Cursed Creature (more...) [Religion Article]

Azazil karena Kesombongan, akhirnya menjadi Makhluk Dilaknat

Biography of Abu Yusuf Ya'qub ibn Ishaq As-Sabbah Al Kindi (more...) [Religion Article]
Biological Sciences of the Qur'an (more...) [Religion & Science Article]
Borobudur Temple according to KH Fahmi Basya (more...)[Religion & Science Article]

Belajar dari Youtuber Sukses

Cave of Hira Story (more...) [Religion Article]
Classical Music for Brain Power (more...) [Science & Entertainment Article]
Compilation : Fourty Hadith Qudsi (more...) [Religion Article]


F1 Cockpit Controls (more...)[Automotive Article]
Flat Earth Cociety & Concept(more...)[Science Article]

Lepton Smaller than Atom (more...) [Science Article]

Make a simple jet engine (Can be done at home) (more...)[Automotive Article]
Make Our Site Become Known : SEO Vol.2 (more...)[Science Article]

Muhammad bin Abdulah adalah orang yang pertama menyampaikan Big Bang

Occult (Unseen) Cases According to Islamic Teachings (more...) [Religion Article]

Pangea : The Face of the Past Earth According to Modern Science & the Qur'an (more...) [Science & Religion Article]
Penetrating Space & Time Vol.2 : Gravity Affects the Speed of Time (more...) [Science Article]
Penetrating Space & Time Vol.3 : Time comes after the Big Bang Phenomenon (more...) [Science Article]
Photo Gallery : Images of Martian Meterites (more...) [Science Article]
Penetrating Space & Time Vol.4 : The Timing of Perception (more...) [Science Article]
Penetrating Space & Time Vol.5 : Earth Movement Slow Down(more...) [Science Article]
Power and Sound Miracle (more...) [Science Article]
Powerful Self-hypnosis (more...) [Science Article]


The Amazing of Water Experiments (more...) [Science & Entertainment Article]
he Ancient Skull Reveals Human Migration (more...) [Science Article]
The Concept of Space & Time According To Islamic Teaching (more...) [Religion Article]
The Concept of Space & Time According To Islamic Scientists : Yusuf Ibnu Ishaq Al-Kindi (more...) [Science Article]
The Concept of Space & Time According To Western Scientists : Albert Einstein (more...) [Science Article]
The Creation of Modern Human (The Linkage of Modern Science with The Qur'an) (more...)[Religion Article]
The Difference of Time Calculations in Universe (more...) [Religion Article]
The History of Formula One, GranprixBegin (more…)[Automotive & Science Article]
The Magic of Static Electricity (more...)[Science Article]
The Miracle of Water (Vol.1) (more...) [Science Article]
The Miracle of Water (Vol.2): Scientific Research Results (more...)[Science Article]
The Miracle of Water (Vol.3) : Zamzam Water Oddities (more...)[Religion Article]
The Mysteries and Wonders of Birds (more..)[Religion Article]
The Mystery of Ant Life (more...)[Religion Article]
The 'Myth' City That Ever Lost Thousands ofYears, Then Appears (more...) [Science Article]
There is No Eternal Life : Exception for this one being (more...) [Science Article]
The Longest Lunar eclipse of this Century, Don't Miss It [Science Article]
The night of Lailatul Qadar (more...) [Religion Article]
The Science of Math in the Qur'an Vol.1 (more...) [Science & Religion Article]
The theory of DNA According to Qur'an (more...) [Science & Religion Article]
The Universe is Vibration and Frequency (more...) [Science Article]
The Virtue of Dhikr (more...)[Religion Article]
The Ways of Acsent & Place Orbit (more...) [Religion Article]
Tidal Power & Energy (more...)[Science Article]
Time is within the Power of God (more...)[Religion Article] 
To Freeze Water in an Instant (more... ) [Science & Entertainment Article]
Train the Power of Mind - Vibration Law Vol.1 (more...) [Science Article]
Train the Power of Mind - Vibration Law Vol.2 (more...) [Science Article]
Train your Higher Mind for Success - Vibration Law Vol.3 (more...) [Science & Religion Article]
Turbocharger : How does it work ? (more...)[Automotive Article]
Type of F1 Engine (more…)[Automotive Article]


Adv. Video Sites

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Adv. Video Sites


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